Friday, 25 June 2010

Promotional pens from around the world

That rather large football tournament that's going on right now prompted me to consider all the different nations and what they're all offering the competition in terms of culture and flair. In the world of promotional gifts, some of the most diverse competition abounds in the realms of promotional pens. These printed promotional products can be colourful, executive, formal, fun, low cost or sophisticated.

Let's take a closer look, for instance if you take printed pens such as Wavy Ballpens you've got yourself a slim-line, colourful yet solidly made pen that is compfortable to write with and god to look at. It's for these reasons that if you had your logo & message printed on these pens then you'd be guaranteed of a quality and effective way to promote your brand.

If you were looking for a more study looking or more subtle pen then you should consider Argente Pens which come in three matt colours of silver, blue and black but all with a brushed silver trim and clip. The clip itself is assymetrical with a straight edge down one side and a curved edge down the other.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Promotional Pens World Cup

In case you hadn't noticed, there's a World Cup going on right now and nations are alive with the sound of vuvuzelas and chanting. You may no be quite so aware that there's also a Promotional Pens World Cup going on too with lots of great printed pens competing to be the best of the best.

In the first qualifying group there are some real budget busting bargains including Campaign Pens, Affordable Pens, Supavalue Pens and Eco Pens, all of which are well below 20p per unit. A great way to promote your brand without spending the earth.

The second group includes Star Pens, Summer Pens, Fashion Pens and Style Pens which makes this the real showoff group. Classy printed pens with hordes of style and fantastic build quality.

Group three is a tight battle between the Stealth Pens, Value Twist Pens, Miami Pens and Ocean Pens. A mix of older but ever popular Miami Pens and three newer but increasingly popular pens.

Ice Media Pens and Big Message Pens will be at each others throats in group four with their similar spec but different strips. The old stalwart that are the Solar Pen will always be a threat as will the new Wavy Ballpens which have all the flair of Ronaldo.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Environmentally friendly printed pens

We like to play our part in making sure we limit the amount of damage we do to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Environmentally friendly promotional pens come in all shapes and sizes and in various designs. One more recent addition that is begoming highly sort after is the Enviro Promotional Pen.

The pens all come with a glossy white barrel and have varying colours of trim (the nib area and the clip). Their study construction makes them as durable as the most hard wearing pens. When printed with your logo on the barrel and clip, you can be assured that they will nothing but serve to increase your green creditials and brand awareness.

I'm sure you'lll understand exactly why these are so highly regarded. They are very inexpensive compared to similar promotional pens that are available.They look and feel as good a quality as any non-recycled pens you care to mention. Their build quality and vibrance of colour is a trait which is not often associated with recycled promotional pens, but these fantastic items have these qualities and more in spades.


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